Software Development

Before anything else there was code!

Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Programmers and Developers come together to envision, create, design and deploy applications for web and mobile platforms. We follow the agile methodology to rapidly deliver the required functionalities and Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to make our development process more proficient. For improving these processes, we continuously monitor the status of broken up definite tasks, to achieve the outcomes on-time with quality that exceeds expectations.

What makes us special is our team members with decades of experience in designing suitable system architecture, solution design, and technical components that come together to work flawlessly.

At Data Mustang, we work vigorously and spend a lot of our time to understand, validate and record the requirements. Design prototypes and workflows to ensure end results are met. To us an application should enable automation, enhance efficiencies and ensure our clients have the competitive edge in the market. Competitive edge by developing applications complimented by Artificial Intelligence services and machine learning. To accomplish this, we use APIs to connect both components.

Whether you prefer on-premise or cloud based development or deployment, our team has the requisite expertise to get your application up and running without any nuisance.


Software Development

Technologies / Tools


We believe in strong programming concepts, with strong programming concepts it is easy to learn new programming languages in a short span of time. This is what we instill in our programmers. However, some languages are used more than others, so here’s a list;


At DM, we use the best tools and platforms out there to create prototypes, manage projects, collaborate, control versions, manage releases, testing and QA tools along databases that can store structured or unstructured data behind our developed programs.

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    At Data Mustang, we live to develop Technology Solutions; to leverage the power of data and yield meaningful insights to augment decision making capabilities.

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